boyleANDshaw is a collaboration between Adrian R Shaw and Matthew Boyle. They have worked in partnership since 2007. Committed to exploring collaborative practice, they frequently elaborate their projects with other artists and performers.Their performance pieces include Dynamite Fighter (Artprojx at GSK Contemporary, Royal Academy, 2008), The Funnel of Love (176 Gallery, 2009), Maiastra, Please Sing! (Romanian Cultural Institute, 2009) and The Filthy Songs Of Their Fathers (Guest Projects, 2010), The Scuttler (ICA, 2010), THERE ARE THE LIVING, THE DEAD, AND THOSE WHO GO TO SEA (Calvert 22, 2010) and d0gland (ICA, 2011)

boyleANDshaw have gained attention for their lengthy semi-improvised collaborative performance works, but the trace of their activities also includes drawing, painting, video, sound, sculpture and text. They work with a matrix of images, phrases and ideas that resonate with them in some way – a few lines of text in an email, a photo torn from the newspaper, an excerpt, real or imagined, from the biography of one of their cultural icons (Tom Marioni, Sister Corita Kent, Constantin Brancusi, Paul Sykes …) that they then set about expanding, in a process of abstraction and generation. Expanded practice, expanded ideas: everything boyleANDshaw do is geared towards fostering the sense that ‘this could go anywhere’. They articulate their process as ‘finding and creating conditions for the creation of the new’. This has led them to work collaboratively – with performers, artists, musicians and writers – as a means of abstracting the producer and to generate further openings and trajectories. With boyleANDshaw as catalysts projects expand according to their own logics, forces and dynamics.


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