Over three days, Portrait of Space will explore four themes: things on Friday; encounters on Saturday; collections on Sunday; and dispersions will be dispersed throughout the three days. These themes offer a loose framework from which to begin discussions and reflect on ways of thinking, making and presenting art.

In addition to the scheduled talks and performances there will be three films screened from Loukia Alavanou; ‘All Questions and Answers’ by Martina Schmücker; ‘The Politics of Self’ by Garrett Phelan; ‘This is a bouncy castle, this is not a bouncy castle, this is a bouncy castle, this is not a bouncy castle etc’ by Niamh McCann; ‘A Secret Sign’ and ‘Future Potential’ by Stephen Rennicks; an installation by Jefford Horrigan; ongoing processes by boyleANDshaw and Thomas Kratz.

Friday – Things

From 1.00pm until 3.00pm:

Francis Halsall presents ‘Object Orientated Aesthetics: Speculative Realism and Art as Guerilla Metaphysics’
Jefford Horrigan performs ‘The Table’
Stephen Rennicks presents ‘Deeper into Nothing’


From 3.30pm until 7.30pm:

Paul Goodwin talks with boyleANDshaw about things
Thomas Kraz performs ‘BUTT’
Jesse Jones and Fiona Marron present ‘Archive of Aspiration’
Jan Verwoert will present ‘The devils in the thing talk to the devils out there (sculpture, manufacture, juju-magic)’

Saturday – Encounters

From 10.00am until 1.30pm:

Rebecca Birch screens a selection from the film series ‘Robert Sinclair Re-cut’
Andrea Phillips discusses the political relationship between objects and subjects in art and curating
Andrea Phillips talks with Niamh McCann and Martina Schmücker about the role of the intervention, disruption and encounter in their work

Lunch (bring a picnic)

From 2.30pm until 7.00pm:

Martina Schmücker performs ‘All Questions and Answers’
Paul Goodwin talks with boyleANDshaw about encounters
Clodagh Emoe hosts a gathering
Ruth Barker performs ‘And The Three Mothers Ask: Don’t You Know Me?’
Padraic E Moore presents his investigations into the super physical

Offsite at 8.30pm:

Saoirse Higgins projects ‘Space Talk’ onto Dun Laoghaire pier bandstand

Sunday – Collections

From 10.00am until 1.30pm:

Paul Goodwin talks with Loukia Alavanou, Ruth Barker and boyleANDshaw about collecting, weaving, fragmenting and dispersing narratives
Thomas Kratz performs ‘a picnic’

Lunch (bring a picnic)

From 2.30pm until 6.30pm:

Clodagh Emoe and Thomas McGraw-Lewis screen ‘Mystical Anarchism’
Mick Wilson gives a presentation on collections/collectives/collegiality
Open discussion chaired by Mick Wilson questioning alternative models, futures and utopias

From 6.30pm until 11.00pm:

Closing BBQ (BYOB!) and music from DJ Jonathan Mayhew

Throughout the three days

12.00pm and 6.00pm every day: Laura Wilson will perform ‘Gnomon’

3.00pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday and 10.00am Sunday: Rebecca Birch will take people on a ‘Blackrock Road Trip’ (contact us below to book in advance)


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