Teresa Gillespie and Rose Lejeune

Teresa Gillespie ( is an artist currently based at Clonlea Studios in Dublin. She has exhibited internationally and undertaken numerous residencies including at the Frankfurter Kunstverein. She has been a visiting tutor at Glasgow School of Art and is a founding member of a group for artists’ debate in London. She is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College of Art.

‘I am interested in the relationship between space and place, how they interweave rather than oppose one another. Space, when released from its association with compartmentalization, homogenizing abstraction, hierarchy of mind over matter, is grounded in a relationship between heterogeneous geographies as well as histories; differences that exist simultaneously and change in different ways. Place, having shed the image of an enclosed settlement with a pre-given and coherent identity, becomes an event of events, a meeting of trajectories, a collection of particular stories. Place is not isolated but always exists in relationship to other places. Such conceptions do not collapse the meaning of space and place into one another, but conceive them as coexistent and interdependent processes.

Within the shifting landscape of space and place I am concerned with a third component; the body. The body is placed by the environment it interacts with here and now, both inter-subjectively and inter-objectively. Yet spaced in its relationship to other environments recalled or imagined. I am interested in an embodied politics of space and place; in individual experiences of being placed and spaced, out from which collections of difference can be imagined.’

Rose Lejeune ( is an independent curator based in London. She has extensive experience working with artists to produce exhibitions, projects in the public realm and has commissioned projects various community, arts and academic settings. She has curated programmes at a range of organisations including University of Creative Arts, British Museum, Whitechapel Gallery, Gasworks Gallery, Aspex and Serpentine Gallery as well as in a range of non-gallery spaces, She is currently Curator and Project Manager for UP Projects in London, Associate Curator and Lecturer at the University for the Creative Arts and is Founding Editor of

‘My practice as a curator is very much about developing strategies that allow artists ways of exploring their practice in fluid ways, especially through collaboration and facilitated conversation. I am interested in aesthetic concepts of autonomy, insertions into collective experience and in challenging prevailing strategies of display. This is especially through collaborative and inter-disciplinary programming , strategies of resistance and daydreaming in public space, and working to re-invigorate and invent new ways in which it is possible to engage with audiences.

The exhibitions and projects that I develop attempt to pro-actively engage a variety of audiences; overt and accidental; local and international; primary and secondary in an investigation into the autonomy of the art object through dynamic dialogues with those audiences and examining architectures of display.’

Thank you to Jonathan Carroll for his engagement in the early development of PS


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