Stephen Rennicks

Stephen Rennicks is an artist based in Co. Leitrim. Some pieces to date include the year long Junk out of Context (2004 – 2005) which explored the audio and video stock of Dublin charity shops; Trains for the Blind (2004), a sound piece released in conjunction with the ESB Dublin Fringe festival; a six month Secret Residency at Dublin Airport during 2005; Imagine Black Lough (2006) installation at The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim; his debut solo show With & Without Context at Mantua Project, Co. Roscommon in 2007; his three year in the making land art piece 666777888 completed in 2008; the moment concerned Deeper into Nothing (2009) and the installation, How to Disappear (2010), which was shown during the Boyle Arts Festival. Since then he has made a video piece, Deleted Scenes, launched his One Minute Residency project and took part in the TRADE residency programme.

‘My work always has multiple layers of meaning but has often ultimately been about bringing people into the moment. In doing this I have so far explored the everyday, time and myth. Most recently I have been finding ways for the viewer to uniquely complete the work for themselves. I am also interested in art in public spaces and some of my work continues to subtly exist there without permission. I have used everyday materials as part of an aesthetic that aims to demystify the medium for the viewer in the hope of getting more quickly past the how and onto the why. I’ve developed two systems for making art and looking at life anew in my Secret Residency/One Minute Residency models and Deeper into Nothing technique. I am very interested in strategies like these which I believe can help artists and non-artists alike.’


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