Laura Wilson

‘Blind Building’, 2010. Performance, London College of Communication. Choreographed 12 minute performance of the opening and closing of the window curtains inside a tower block on the opening of Horse of a different colour at Siobhan Davies Studios on 19th January 2010. Viewers were invited to watch the event from the street. Images courtesy of the artist.

Laura Wilson is a graduate of Central Saint Martins, London (2006). She has been artist in residence at WARP, Belgium (2010); Banff Centre, Canada (2008); My House Projects, Derbyshire (2007). Recent solo exhibitions include Header Stretcher Soldier Sailor Shiner Rowlock, Vitrine Gallery, London (2011); Preludes and Nocturnes, New Dalston Library, London (2010); Horse of a different colour, Siobhan Davies Studios, London. Recent group exhibitions include Bedtime Duologues im Winter, Former Mattress-factory Devis, Mechelen (2011); Microperformances, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2010); Field Broadcast, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (2010).

‘The process by which I get from one point to another is highly important in my work, and is something which drives my practice, I see it both as a method for making and as a product in its own right. I tend to work with an object, event or situation and negotiate until I find a resolution; it is this confluence with the unknown that I find exciting. The end result can often appear understated, possessing a subtle aesthetic, but it is the process of accumulation, building up and then the stripping down to the main components that is important.

Often working site-specifically, I am interested in the history and future of place and architecture, how we interact with it and shape it in our own image. Exploring notions of construction, demolition and the re-use of building elements both in terms of the materials that I am using and in the recontextualisation of actions and everyday events forms a kind of cyclic archaeology.’


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