Jefford Horrigan

Image: still from ‘The Veronica’. Courtesy of the artist.

‘You would think that with everything in the world something could easily become something else. I often return to the same thing to make something recognisably other.

I have counted one item used in fifteen performances, films and sculptures (more in those forgotten or rejected) and in myriad of practical situations including that for which it was intended. This is not a narrowing of vision or vocabulary, but akin to the actors who appear in successive Fassbinder or Almodovar films, each time as someone else.

Frequently asked if my furniture is a woman or a man, I like to joke if you’re into furniture you know it is furniture.’

Jefford Horrigan is an artist based in London. Most recent (since 2007) performances, installations, exhibitions and screenings include: 2011 – Out of the Corner of The Eye, James Taylor Gallery, London. Makura, White Deer Projects, London. 2010 – Forrella (Rella – Michael Curran/ Lucy Gunning), Beaconsfield, London. La Folia Preludes and Nocturnes (Laura Wilson), New Dalston Library, London. White Deer – Jefford Horrigan/ Paul Johnson/ Tomoya Matsuzaki/ Sam Windett, Flat 3, London. 2009 – The Dissolve, Clockwork Gallery, Berlin. THE DRESSER (Talk Show/ Speakeasy), Institute of Contemporary Art, London. Dresser, Hovel (Inaugural Event), London. 2008 – Sodium Angel/ Teresa, South London Art Gallery, London. Four Fourteen/ The Half Veronica, Brown Mountain Festival, London. Mile End (Routemaster General Screening), 176 Gallery, London. Concrete Dreams, APT Gallery, London. 2007 – The Four Stages of Cruelty, Tate Britain, London. Past Lives (Body Parts III), Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.

Name of performance or film in italics


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